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Black Adventurer Medium

Black Adventurer Medium

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NEOS Performance Overshoes are comfortable, waterproof, warm, compact and lightweight. New England Overshoes (NEOS) are more versatile than galoshes. Designed to be worn over your shoes or over your boots. Worn by outdoor enthusiasts, commuters, kids, travellers NEOS performance overshoes keep your feet warm and dry. The Adventurer Overshoe protects from winter slush, spring mud, or fall debris.The Adventurer Overshoe is recommended as the best multi-purpose boot in the NEOS line. Calf-high coverage protects footwear and pant legs in snow or mud. A nice fit between the Voyager and Surveyor. 100% waterproof, 500 Denier nylon upper. Duraflex quick release buckle closure for fit and security. Bungie cord pull at top to keep snow out. The NEOS Perma sole is rugged and durable and has a snowshoe compatible heel. Features a comfort rating of 0 Degree F.

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