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Blocks Cyclone Roller Coaster Building Set

Blocks Cyclone Roller Coaster Building Set

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Build the Staple of America s Amusement Park Golden AgeDesigned by an accomplished roller coaster engineer, this Cyclone kit will bring the excitement of the summer thrill ride into your home all year long. The hand crank activates the chain that hoists the roller coaster to the top of the hill. Gravity takes over from there as the train races across the rails on precision machined metal wheels. For ages 14+. With over 900 parts, this sit-down, out & back design pays homage to the wooden track roller coasters of America s Golden Era of Amusement Parks. These thrill rides provided a rough and wild ride compared to the today s inverted serpentine designs. However you ll be surprised how rapidly this model coaster will zoom along the track and return back to the manual chain lift after its initial descent. The realistic lattice work design is compatible with Lego bricks the world s leading plastic building brick system. This means you can add your own Lego people to the coaster s train or easily expand and enhance the track s decor.Assembled kit measure approx. 15 x 48Includes 900+ pieces.No batteries required. ** Lego people shown in video are NOT included.

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