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Blue Lava Touch Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Midnight Black, Airflow Bag

Blue Lava Touch Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Midnight Black, Airflow Bag

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The Blue Lava Touch Smart Guitar is an eco-friendly instrument that s equipped with built-in effects, lessons, and sound-enhancing technology. If you re searching for a guitar to fuel your imagination and creativity, the Blue Lava is it. Loaded with an entire library of customisable on-board effects, you can transform the standard acoustic guitar tone without ever plugging into an amplifier. Simply use the detailed built-in screen to quickly select, activate and shape your desired effects. And those effects will be voiced with a bold, impressive clarity thanks to the futuristic construction of the Blue Lava. It s made from HPL (High Pressure Laminate) that s fully recyclable and produces minimal waste during construction, ensuring it is a truly green guitar. Need more volume? No problem! The integrated FreeBoost driver pushes your sound even further, creating a lush soundscape that envelopes your audience. Complete with built-in lessons and practice software that can track your progress and share it with your friends on social media, the Blue Lava is perfect for both the advancing and the adventurous player.

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