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Bolt Air+ Car Jump Starter, Air Compressorw/ Ac Outlet ,Verdigris

Bolt Air+ Car Jump Starter, Air Compressorw/ Ac Outlet ,Verdigris

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Think of it as a guardian angel for your vehicle and your home. From a dead battery to low tire pressure, your emergency roadside needs are handled with the HALO Bolt Air+ AC. A one-button jump starter is paired with an integrated air compressor that also pumps up basketballs, bike tires, and pool floats. Two USB charging ports let you boost the batteries on your family s phones (and other devices) while you re stuck in traffic or a blackout, while the DC output and AC outlet power up a household item such as a lamp, fan, or kettle. Plus, the helpful digital display provides enhanced diagnostics, including battery life, tire pressure, voltmeter, and smart indicators. So pop this helpful device into your car for peace of mind when you re out-and-about -- and it s there to get you out of a jam at home, too! Phew! From HALO.

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