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Bone Collector 850 Rangefinder

Bone Collector 850 Rangefinder

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Do not depend on questionable range calculations for the shot of a lifetime. The Bone Collector 850 Rangefinder delivers dependable ranging performance out to 400 yards on non-reflective targets and 850 yards on reflective targets using infrared energy pulses similar to sonar, boasting accurate readings within +/- 1 yard. 1-button activation allows easy operation for quick readings, while a weatherproof housing with an EXO Barrier lens coating boast dependable operation, no matter the environment. Operating on one CR2 battery (included), this lightning-fast rangefinder is a must-have for trophy hunters. Accurate out to 850 yards on reflective targets +/- 1-yard accuracy 1-button activation Weatherproof housing EXO Barrier lens coating Runs on one CR2 battery (included)

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