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Bonsai 9 Way Screamer Overdrive Pedal

Bonsai 9 Way Screamer Overdrive Pedal

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The Bonsai 9-Way Overdrive is a pedal which embodies the very essence of the tube screamer sound, equipped with 9 incredibly powerful overdrives for a truly versatile performance. After extensive research and analysis, the Bonsai has been manufactured to perfectly recreate every aspect of the JHS sound and feel. Contained within a durable, road-worthy chassis that is built to survive all the trials of life with a regularly gigging musician - you can be sure this pedal will stick with you for a long time. Hand-built with premium components, the JHS Overdrive delivers everything from bright, silent gain tones and classic low-gain sounds with a pronounced mid-range - all the way to iconic metal punch, high-gain overdrive with a strong low end. Also featuring volume, drive and tone controls so you can dial in the perfect sound suited to a range of playing styles, The JHS Bonsai is the ideal choice for players wanting a range of iconic drive tones, with the power to make them their own right beneath their feet.

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