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Boost Drysuit - Xl Black

Boost Drysuit - Xl Black

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Put an end to Seasonalriding and keep riding all year round no matter the weather. The drysuits are developed and tested by the best athletes on the water. The Boost Drysuit defies convention sets a new industry standard and leads the way for others to follow. Designed to take you to new heights and unforeseen performance levels. The Boost is waterproof and is built to withstand the test of time. goes the extra step and fully tapes all of the seams with a special waterproof tape which is added to the inside of all the seams. Jump into the water confidently knowing that your clothes underneath wont get wet and cold. The SmoothSkin Dry Neck Seal that is very comfortable and doesnt cause chafing like the latex neck seal on most other drysuits. Both the wrist and ankle latex seals are nearly 2x as thick as competitors drysuits ensuring a watertight fit and added durability. Built into the drysuit are adjustable suspenders that allow the rider to easily adjust the overall fit of the drysuit. The added versatility from the adjustable suspenders makes the Boost a popular option for those that will have multiple riders using the same drysuit. Getting in/out of it is no problem thanks to the heavy-duty zipper on the back of the wetsuit that goes from shoulder to shoulder. The back zipper design is far more popular than a chest zipper as it stays out of the way while riding and allows for greater mobility. Specifically designed for watersports use the ONeill Boost is used by waterskiers wakeboarders and wakesurfers worldwide for once the water temps begin to plummet.

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